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librarianThe success of the organization depends on the successful hiring and retaining of qualified employees. This is as true in libraries as it is in the corporate world. We are constantly reminded of the library graying profession, the shrinking of library school, and the decreasing number which are entering the profession. Libraries also face difficult competition from more alluring fields of computer and technological work. Issues in library recruitment have remained relatively stable over the last two decades. The issues include requirements for entry into the profession, patterns of supply and demand in the library workforce, compensation, and the need to attract minorities to librarianship.

Recruitment and selection of library staff issues including:

  1. What does the position look like and who does it report to?
  2. How do you write a job description?
  3. What are essential job functions?
  4. How do I begin the recruitment process?
  5. Where should I advertise?
  6. Who is responsible for collecting the applications and processing?
  7. Who will review the applications?
  8. What is the search committee’s role? Who should be on it?
  9. How do you handle internal candidates?
  10. How many candidates should be formally interviewed? Who should meet with them?
  11. How should the interview process be conducted?
  12. What happens on the day of the interview?
  13. What are unlawful questions?
  14. What kinds of questions should you ask?
  15. How do you encourage and/ or manage diversity in the recruitment process?
  16. How do you select a candidate and what happens next?
  17. Why should I do a background check?
  18. Should I hire student employees? What procedures should I follow with them?
  19. Are volunteers a good use of manpower in libraries?

A good recruitment and hiring process will make a lasting impression on your new employee, whether student, paraprofessional, or librarian. Now that the process is complete, make sure that you do not neglect your new employee. We will discuss orientation, training, and retention in further chapters.

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